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bottle rocket datalogger

A durable, lightweight and water-resistant device that logs data from your bottle rocket flight!

image (6).png
image (7).png

* Prototype version shown, more photos to come as development proceeds

Quickly, easily and reliably log data including:

- Acceleration (X, Y, Z)

- Orientation (X, Y, Z)

- Angular Rates (X, Y, Z)

- Temperature

- Altitude

- Pressure

- Time

Then open your data from a CSV file (Excel) for further investigation and analysis!

Plus RASLogger is rechargeable and includes a durable and water-resistant silicone casing.

RASLogger is currently under development, with deliveries of the first batch targeted for January 2024.

Pre-order today to help us fund the project and be the first to use RASLogger!

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