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About Robinson Aerospace

OUR Story

With the Australian Space Agency estimating over 20,000 more jobs by 2030, now is the time to be inspiring our students to pursue careers in space. Robinson Aerospace was founded in 2022, with a mission to ignite passion in secondary school students and educate them on space technology and career opportunities.

Edward Robinson

CEO and Co-founder

Edward grew a huge passion for space technology while in high school, after seeing videos of SpaceX rockets returning from space. In year 10 and 11, he developed a model rocket capable of steering itself using electronics and mathematics. He then developed a CubeSat prototype in year 12, which quickly became Robinson Aerospace. 

Ed started his first business in year 9, a T-shirt store. He eventually sold the business for $1500, before opening an eBay store selling electronics. 

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Isabella McCulloch

COO and Co-founder

Bella studied a Bachelor of Science with the intention of becoming a researcher internationally. In 2017, she attended the IAC (a major global space convention) and since then, her career took a turn. With the endless opportunities in Australia’s space sector, she is looking to pursue project management and support Australian space-tech start-ups.

Bella's passion for inspiring students to pursue careers in space and STEM lead her to become the President of the Adelaide University Space Society (AUSS) for three years and work at the Australian Space Discovery Centre. 


our core values


Elon Musk once said 'failure is an option here, if things are not failing, you are not innovating enough'. We go through a lot of prototypes, leading to exciting final products. 


Impact is the core of our mission. We want to see students pursuing exciting careers, and industry thriving better then ever. 


We strive to ensure every product that leaves our workshop is the best possible quality. Our customers trust our products to teach their students, so product failure is unacceptable. 

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