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About Robinson Aerospace

OUR Story

The Australian Space Agency estimates that Australia's space industry will generate over 20,000 new degree-heavy jobs by 2030, but who is going to fill them? Robinson Aerospace Systems was founded in April 2022, with a mission to inspire students to pursue careers in Australia's rapidly growing space industry. Robinson Aerospace will assist in filling these jobs by igniting passion in secondary school students and educating them on space technology and career opportunities.

Robinson Aerospace is focused on developing exciting, hands-on and innovative educational tools for students. 

Edward Robinson

CEO and Co-founder

Edward grew a huge passion for space technology while in high school, after seeing videos of SpaceX rockets returning from space. In year 10 and 11, he developed a model rocket capable of steering itself with electronics and algorithms. He then developed a CubeSat prototype in year 12. Immediately after high school, he embarked on a mission to educate more students about space technology, founding Robinson Aerospace. 

Edward started his first business in year 9, a T-shirt store. He sold the business for $1500 and opened an eBay store selling electronics, which had to be shut down to make time for Robinson Aerospace. 


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Isabella McCulloch

COO and Co-founder

Bella studied a Bachelor of Science with the intention of becoming a researcher internationally. In 2017, she attended the IAC and since then, her career took a turn. With the endless opportunities in Australia’s space sector, she is looking to pursue project management and support Australian space-tech start-ups.

Bella's passion for inspiring students to pursue careers in space and STEM lead her to become the President of the Adelaide University Space Society for three years and work at the Australian Space Discovery Centre. 


our core values

RAS follows three core values when making daily decisions and working towards the future of the company. 


Ensuring products are innovative and inspiring students to innovate.


Impacting the future of thousands of students and Australia's space industry. 


Always improving the quality of our products and customer service.

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