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Educational Satellite Kit

RASCube is an educational satellite that is designed to look, feel, function and assemble just like a real CubeSat, but not go into space. Students receive a flatpack kit with everything they need to assemble and use their own satellite in-class. 

RASCube transmits live data and displays it on a computer screen, with data such as GPS position, orientation, acceleration, magnetic fields, temperature, pressure and much more. 

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Aluminium Structure

The aluminium structure provides a strong, durable and accurate structure for RASCube's components to attach to. The frame is designed to look and feel exactly like a real satellite, providing an exciting experience for students.


Each piece is CNC machined and post-processed in-house. 

To maximise durability, all pieces are anodised, which provides a hard protective surface finish. Furthermore, a tough stainless steel or brass thread insert is installed everywhere that a screw is required, ensuring the satellite can be assembled and disassembled over and over and over. 

Electronics Systems

The electronics system is what brings real functionality to RASCube. Each kit includes five circuit boards, including the Electrical Power System (EPS), On-Board Computer (OBC), sensor suite, telemetry system and prototyping board. These circuit boards work together to collect data and transmit it to a computer for display and analysis.

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Solar Array

RASCube includes six high-efficiency solar cells to ensure the satellite looks and functions accurate to real CubeSats. These solar cells charge two Li-Ion batteries, providing power to the satellite's systems. 

Wireless Telemetry and Display

RASCube wirelessly sends data to a USB-style receiver, which plugs into any Windows or Mac OS computer. This data can then be displayed in live graphs and graphics on-screen. Students are also able to download the data as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. 

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For students or classes who wish to take things further, RASCube is designed with expandability in mind. Ambitious students can develop their own electronic modules which are compatible with RASCube, as the entire satellite is programmed through the Arduino IDE.

RASCube's electronics are constantly being improved, so exact specifications may slightly vary. 


Seamless Integration into the Classroom

Incorporate RASCube into classes, run a workshop or tinker after school... however you choose to use RASCube, we provide clear resources and guidance. 

Simply put, we don't want you spending hours learning how to use RASCube or learning about space technology. 

User Interface (UI)

The web-based user interface displays live data from RASCube in graphs, charts and other graphics. Additionally, students can download this data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for investigation and analysis. 

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