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RASCube Product Launch Event Kickstarts Pilot Program

On Monday evening March 27th, Robinson Aerospace hosted a Product Launch Event to mark the release of RASCube and hand over the first satellite kits. Around 70 people registered for the event and filled the Australian Space Discovery Centre for the chance to see product displays, enjoy food/beverages, find out who Robinson Aerospace's new Co-founder is and hear from a line-up of four speakers.

Robinson Aerospace Co-founder and CEO Edward Robinson presenting Robinson Aerospace's journey and future plans. Photo: Huey Pretila

The event begun with some time for attendees to take a close look at RASCube, as well as its packaging and some of the accessories currently on offer and planned for the future.

It has taken over 11 months to develop RASCube and manufacture the first batch, with this event marking the culmination of the time, work and capital that has been put into RASCube's development.

RASCube's electronics on the Test Bench, displayed at the event. Photo: Huey Pretila

Attendees then moved into the theatre inside of the Australian Space Agency's Australian Space Discovery Centre to begin presentations. Stone and Chalk's Space Lead Christian Thaler-Wolski opened the event with stories of how he first met Edward and how much Robinson Aerospace has grown since.

Christian Thaler-Wolski opening the event. Photo: Huey Pretila

Up next was Nate Taylor, Operations Manager at the Australian Space Discovery Centre. Nate spoke about the importance of inspiring students to pursue space careers and how Robinson Aerospace is supporting this, before discussing the first time he met Edward in March 2022.

Nate Taylor's presentation. Photo: Huey Pretila

Up next was Robinson Aerospace Co-founder and CEO Edward Robinson. Edward started with a brief overview of who Robinson Aerospace is and what RASCube is, for the media and other people in the room who didn't have this background knowledge.

From here Edward zoomed back in time to explain his journey from when he began tinkering with electronics in Year 10 to the present day. After explaining Robinson Aerospace's plans for growth and expansion, it was time to announce Robinson Aerospace's new Co-founder and COO, Isabella McCulloch!

Isabella introducing herself. Photo: Huey Pretila

Next Edward explained Robinson Aerospace's plans on sending RASCube into space next year, after recently signing a deal that enabled a launch service in a rocket launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX. This led to more details about 11-year-old Jackson Burford, whose payload will be inside of RASCube for the journey to space and back!

Because of this, Jackson Burford was the first person to receive a RASCube Educational Satellite kit. Jackson will use RASCube to better understand what is inside of a CubeSat and how he can design his payload to fit inside of RASCube.

11-year-old Jackson Burford explaining his space experiment after receiving his RASCube satellite kit. Photo: Huey Pretila

After some final notes, it was time for the audience to disperse and enjoy some food and beverages.

The event was a huge success, with most of the first users present to receive their RASCube kits in-person. There are now students using RASCube to learn about space technology in schools and organisations across Australia!

You can learn more about the event in this recent article from InDaily:


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