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RASCube Pre-orders Available NOW!

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

LIMITED PRE-ORDERS ARE OFFICIALLY LIVE! 75x units are now available for our Pilot Program, set to begin in March 2023.

If you haven't already, please read our 'CubeSat Kit' and 'Pilot Program' pages for context on the following information.

Our goal with this article is to answer most of the FAQ's that we are expecting, and that have been asked previously. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or book a call here.

What does RASCube do?

RASCube is designed to mimic a real space-grade CubeSat. Its five internal circuit boards work together to acquire data from sensors and transmit it wirelessly to a nearby computer.

Some examples of this data include GPS position, orientation, acceleration, compass headings, temperatures and altitude, as well as general status information such as voltages and power consumption.

What ways can RASCube be used?

RASCube's basic initial use case is for students to assemble the satellite, receive data from it and learn about space technology and career opportunities throughout the process. This is where students get an introduction to Australia's exiting space industry and related STEM subjects.

Beyond this, RASCube's use largely depends on what specific class and grade the satellite is being used in. For example, if RASCube is being used in a Design and Technology class, focusing on electronics, students may write their own software or develop their own circuit boards that work with the rest of the satellite. If RASCube is being used in a physics class, students can run experiments and download sensor data to an Excel spreadsheet, to analyse the data and write a report.

RASCube is mainly designed to be used in the classroom, but it can also be used for a dedicated space technology workshop, or students can just tinker with it after school. RASCube is designed to be a very versatile and expandable educational tool.

Educational resources and lesson plans will be provided for all of these potential use cases, to ensure educators can quickly and easily begin using RASCube to educate and inspire their students.

What's included with each RASCube kit?

Each satellite kit includes everything that students and educators need to get started and use RASCube's features. This includes all of RASCube's parts, batteries, tools, cables, a quick start guide and access to all learning and teaching resources. All of this as a flatpack kit, ready to assemble. We better not give too much more away and ruin the unboxing excitement!

What is RASCube's pricing structure?

The below prices are in Australian Dollars, include GST, include payment processing fees and include Australia-wide shipping. This means there will be no additional hidden fees at checkout! If you are unable to pay full price upfront, please contact us to discuss a tailored solution.

Single Unit - Standard Price


Single Unit - Pre-order (10% off)


5 Units Class Pack - Standard Price (10% Off, $1980 Each)


5 Units Class Pack - Pre-order (15% Off, $1870 Each)


What support will be offered during RASCube's Pilot Program?

We are viewing RASCube's Pilot Program as a way for us to demonstrate our dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Whenever you need assistance, contact us and we will respond with information within 1 business day. If required, we will also schedule an online video meeting to discuss the problem in more detail.

What happens if there are major delays for RASCube's dispatch or if the final product is not as advertised?

If RASCube's dispatch is going to be significantly delayed, you will be contacted with the option for a full refund or to wait until further notice.

If RASCube's finalised form largely differs from the advertised product and you are not satisfied with the product that you received, please contact RAS and we will form a solution to ensure you are satisfied with your experience. In some cases, this may involve a full refund.


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