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RAS Makes SA Headlines

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Robinson Aerospace Systems was recently featured in SA Weekend, a magazine inside of SA's The Advertiser newspaper. The six-page feature piece takes a deep dive into what Adelaide's Lot Fourteen space and technology precinct is, as well as some of the incredible start-ups operating in the area.

Entrepreneurs Edward Robinson, Summer Petrosius, Daish Malani, Adam Grocke and Mary Kelly. Picture: Tom Huntley

RAS founder and director Edward Robinson was interviewed as part of the feature piece, where he spoke about Lot Fourteen and what RAS is working on.

'Robinson describes it [Lot Fourteen] as simply as "the place to be". He's gone from knowing no one in the space industry, to being supported by a team of people, and being able to walk literally 20m across the courtyard to the space agency.' Matt Deighton writes.

SA Chief Entrepreneur Andrew Nunn was also interviewed to give a better understanding of where SA is heading and the future of Lot Fourteen. He focused on the importance of educating and inspiring young people.

"First and foremost we've got to get the kids", he states while explaining the importance of STEM and entrepreneurial education.

You can view the full article here!


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