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CubeSat Kits to inspire the next generation

Educational Satellite Kits

Available Early 2023

Meet Ras.cubesat

A flatpack desktop satellite providing exciting hands-on learning for secondary students. 

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"Our Mission is to educate hundreds of thousands of students on space technology and career opportunities, ultimately inspiring them to pursue careers in Australia's rapidly growing space industry"

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But what is a cubesat?

A CubeSat is an increasingly common form of satellite. With a small size of just 10x10x10cm and a maximum weight of 1.3Kg, CubeSats provide an extremely cheap alternative to traditional bus-sized satellites. 

Where traditional satellites cost billions of dollars and years-decades to build and launch, CubeSats can be quickly built and launched for a few hundred thousand dollars. In most cases these CubeSats can also perform the same tasks as traditional satellites. 

Let your students choose what they want to learn

Designed with expandability and innovation in mind

RAS.CubeSat is a modular system, meaning that students can choose which modules they use, to target what they are the most interested in. 

Students who are more ambitious can develop their own modules that are compatible with the rest of the satellite, by using provided documentation. 

Connecting Dots

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