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Connecting Dots

Satellites to inspire the next generation

RASCube Educational Satellite Kits


New updated RASCube, available to order now!

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"Our Mission is to educate students on space technology and career opportunities, ultimately inspiring them to pursue careers in Australia's rapidly growing space and STEM industries"

But what is a cubesat?

A CubeSat is an increasingly common form of satellite. With a small size of just 10x10x10cm and a maximum weight of 1.3Kg, CubeSats provide an extremely cheap alternative to traditional bus-sized satellites. 

Where traditional satellites cost billions of dollars and years-decades to build and launch, CubeSats can be quickly built and launched for a few hundred thousand dollars.


RASCube Key Features

Curriculum Aligned

Kits include lesson plans for hands-on learning, linked to the Australian Curriculum


Future options to add modules or accessories, increasing functionality 


Putting 'real' space hardware in the hands of school students 

Connecting Dots


Assemble a satellite. Conduct experiments. Analyse data. Develop add-ons.

A Message From Edward

"The number of students graduating with STEM-related degrees is increasing very slowly, while the number of STEM-related jobs is growing twice as fast as all other jobs.
If you continue this trend into the future, we are approaching a catastrophic shortage of talent in STEM fields. If you further consider that many non-STEM jobs are being replaced by things like automation and AI, it becomes clear just how important it is to inspire students to pursue STEM careers, and give them the skills they need to do so! 
We aim to give every student in Australia the opportunity to use a working replica satellite in-class. Space is naturally inspiring, and we use that to both educate and inspire students to pursue these STEM careers." - Edward Robinson

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