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Ever thought of owning a unique piece that's orbited our world? Maybe there's a special person who you'd like to surprise with an invaluable gift? 

We're offering a limited number of pendants to fly aboard our first launch into orbit, currently scheduled for February 2025. Your pendant will blast into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, before the space capsule is jettisoned and eventually returns to Earth for a safe landing and recovery!


Each pendant is 15mm in diameter,  includes fine engravings on both sides (concept image shown) and will ship with a Certificate of Authenticity. All orders support Robinson Aerospace's first mission, enabling students to send their experiments to space. 

Please note: Due to the risk involved with spaceflight, we cannot guarantee that your pendant will return from orbit safely. Included postage is for Australian customers only. 

Limited Edition Space-Flown Pendant

GST Included
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